Creating Technology?

Have you created a new invention?
Have you created a brand name for you products or services?
Is someone using your invention, brand name, or domain name?

If you are you considering protecting your technology and brand, the firm is here with strategies for the difficult legal questions you face. This law firm focuses exclusively in intellectual property matters such as patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, and technology law matters.

The principal patent attorney is a former engineer and patent pending inventor. The firm counsels businesses, corporate attorneys, and business advisers in patent (software, electronics, chemical, and consumer technologies), trademark, and technology matters.

What We Do

Contact the principal Dallas office to address your intellectual property concerns:

1. Protect an invention  (United States and International Patent Applications)
2. Protect a brand name (United States and International Trademark Registration)
3. Intellectual Property Monetization (Licensing and Assignments)
4. Intellectual Property Disputes (Trademark Oppositions or Cancellations, Domain Name Disputes)
5. Intellectual Property Consulting (Strategy for Protection, Commercialization, and Disputes)